Your Corporate Interiors: Office Workstations

Your Corporate Interiors: Office Workstations

When you manage or own corporate offices, you are well aware of the benefits of maximizing the layout to best benefit your company’s operations. Corporate interiors matter a great deal and you want to be organized in such a way that your offices, common areas, and office workstations are put to best use. No wasted space, quality workflow, and a positive, productive working environment are the hallmarks of a well organized corporate interior. Your workstations can be the linchpin of that organization.

What Are Workstations In An Office?

At the most basic level, a workstation is a desk or work area that is used for a specific task or company function. Typically these refer to a single workstation for a single employee, but innovations are changing that to include a variety of configurations that creates an ideal workspace.

The main purpose of a workstation is to provide a stable, stocked, and ready to go location for work to get accomplished efficiently. This usually means having a computer setup, ergonomic seating, storage, and the desk accessories that are required for the work being done. We tend to think of these workstations as being part of an open office arrangement, but they can also be created with cubicles as a part of the whole setup when preferred.

What Is The Difference Between A Workstation And A Cubicle?

The terms workstation and cubicle are often used interchangeably, and we agree with that to a point. A cubicle is a workstation for an employee to do specific tasks, but the term workstation includes all kinds of work, and is most often seen in the open office modern layouts most commonly in use today. Some workstations might even be unstaffed and prepared for any employee to work on a task. Some examples of workstation innovations are bench workstations, hot desking, and team stations.

What Are The Different Types Of Workstations?

The great thing about corporate interiors right now is that almost anything you can imagine, can be configured for your corporate interior. There are a few main types of workstations, but the way they are configured and integrated into your office is only limited by the space you have. For example, you can use privacy cubicles and bench desking right next to traditional offices with our systems. You can use the environment to create areas and maximize your square footage with clever solutions, and you can create all that with attractive and affordable options. Here are those types primary of workstations:

  • L- Shaped Desks. A workstation that can tuck into a corner, create a corner in an office layout, placed in sets of four to create a cluster workstation, or simply be used to maximize desk space for an ideal workstation
  • Standard Desks. Desks in any shape or size that suits your office can be a workstation when supplied with the necessary elements.
  • Back to Back Desking. This is exactly what it sounds like: a pair of desks situated so that employees are still two to a slot but have privacy from each other as they are separated by a partition.
  • Bench or Side by Side Desks. Straight desks that are either long or are multiple side by side desks creating a wide open work space for multiple employees to work in tandem.
  • Sit Stand Adjustable Workstations. These adjustable desks can be arranged like any other workstation, but with the added flexibility of being height adjustable so employees and employers can reap the health benefits of alternating sitting and standing at work.

No matter what your work and office style, workstations are probably a part of that. Our expertise in this area means we know how to help you maximize your office workflow and output. Any changes you need to make to optimize your corporate office will pay dividends in productivity, safety, and employee retention.

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