Decorative Acoustic Panels

Loud noises and distractions at work can cause employees to lose concentration and derail your team’s efficiency. Noisy workplaces can also negatively affect people’s health and well-being. That’s why controlling the sound in your office can lead to happier employees and a more efficient team. But acoustic paneling that reduces noise is often unattractive and bulky. Luckily, decorative acoustic panels can control and reduce the amount of noise in your office without creating an eyesore.

acoustic panels

Decorative acoustic paneling comes in all different shapes, styles, and colors. That makes them the perfect choice for reducing sound levels in your workspace without sacrificing design. You can hide them in plain sight or turn them into a statement piece for your office. Acoustic panels might be placed on conference room or office walls and can serve as a barrier between different rooms in your workplace. They also make excellent sound buffers in open-concept offices.

The Best In Decorative Acoustic Panels

Today, there are a lot of companies that make quality acoustic panels that are modern, high-tech, and aesthetically pleasing. At Arizona Corporate Interiors, we only work with the best.

MergeWorks offers various high-impact acoustic solutions that solve noise issues, provide space separation, and add aesthetics to your office environment. They also have eco-friendly acoustic panels, and all their decorative panels are customizable. 

MPS has dozens of custom and standard shapes and designs of acoustic panels that diffuse sound waves. Their panels are beautiful, colorful, and versatile. They’re also easy to disinfect, eco-friendly, and tackable.

Do acoustic art panels work?

Acoustic art panels work by absorbing sound and reducing overall background noise and echoes. They are highly effective at controlling sound within a space. The right design can effectively control noise with just a few panels. However, acoustic panels will not completely soundproof a room, as soundproofing is an entirely different process. Still, acoustic art panels serve as wonderful and eye-catching noise buffers. 

Where should I place acoustic panels?

Placing decorative acoustic panels on the walls is one of the most common and effective strategies for reducing sound in an office. Other effective locations include the ceiling and in-between workstations. Still, every workplace is different. The answers to your noise problems might not be the answer to someone else’s.  Working with an expert corporate designer is best to configure an acoustic panel design plan that will most effectively control noise in your office space. 

Learn More About Decorative Acoustic Panels

Do you have ideas to get started on installing decorative acoustic panels in your office but need help bringing them together? At Arizona Corporate Interiors, we have a team of professionals who can help you with your vision to develop a space that matches your needs, style, and budget. We work with businesses, schools, and medical practices from Mesa to Sedona, to Tucson. Schedule a design consultation with us today to learn more about decorative acoustic panels.

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Even after an office is completed, sound masking technologies can be added at any point. The installation process is easy, and the user is able to adjust the frequency to their needs.