Work From Home Ergonomics: The Home Office Setup

Work From Home Ergonomics: The Home Office Setup

For many office managers and office personnel, it has become clear that people may need to work from home for a while yet. Are you or your workers set up with great work from home ergonomics, or are some people still using an iPad at the dining room table, just trying to “hack” an office to get by? 

With some or all employees working remotely, those of us who are responsible for these “distributed” offices have to continue to encourage safety and productivity with workers who are at home. Most offices worked out the computer issues in the first phase of this pandemic, but now that we are still at home many months later, new issues are beginning to arise. If we want to maintain office excellence, we have to help make home offices as safe and productive as our business location offices. 

Encouraging those basic ergonomic principles is the best way to ensure this goal. You can see our whole breakdown of ergonomics here but to keep it simple, you want a good work surface, a good chair, and good lighting. 

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you will have seen the meteoric rise of the X-Chair. This phenomenal chair allows for effortless, foolproof ergonomic seating for people of all shapes and sizes, and it does it affordably. If you are purchasing or subsidizing the purchase of office chairs, you want to check it out and you can do that safely at Arizona Corporate Interiors or we can help you find the ideal solution for your needs. 

So, to sum up, you want to have for yourself, and encourage your team, the following elements if you are working at home:

  1. A good work surface. Whether it is a table, a desk, or a standing desk it needs to be sturdy and provide a sufficient work surface so you don’t need to reach or strain. 
  2. An ergonomic work station set up with the chair at the right height for the desk with the keyboard an arm’s length away and the mouse & keyboard at the proper distance so that hands can rest with elbows at a 90-degree angle and so that all items are easily reached without straining
  3. Good lighting. The lighting should light your work area all around the primary focus (desktop or computer screen) so that there is no eye strain. You don’t want it dark behind a lit-up computer and you don’t want it dark in front of the computer with too much backlight, either.
  4. A hard floor makes full effective use of your ergonomic chair so choose hard flooring or add a floor mat.
  5. Location. If possible, placing your work area near a window can enhance mood, offer ideal lighting, and keep you positive. Your workspace should be in a clutter-free, reasonably quiet place with access to outlets and the router (if needed).

We know the strong connection between ergonomics and productivity and we know that an ergonomic workspace is a safe workspace, so let us help you find the ideal way to set your workers up for success and keep our businesses humming while employees are at home. 

Call us to learn more about all our home-office solutions, including the highly sought after X-Chair. You can learn more about us at and call us for more information or to schedule a visit to try out the X-Chair for yourself at (602) 840-6678. We have the solutions you need.