Arizona Corporate Interiors Now Offers The X-Chair!

Arizona Corporate Interiors Now Offers The X-Chair!

A few chairs have achieved cult status, like the Herman Miller chair and the Eames lounge chair, but none have reached this status with the speed and affordability of the X-Chair. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably have no need for an office chair, but anyone who spends hours at a computer is familiar with the superior features of the now famous X-Chair. The best news? It is now available at Arizona Corporate Interiors so anyone in the Valley or anywhere near Mesa, Arizona can come check it out and see it for yourself.

What Makes A Good Chair?

For those of us who spend hours in a chair, you quickly learn what is essential. A good chair provides excellent lumbar support, significant customizable features and is also sturdy, smooth, and made with breathable, comfortable fabric. With these qualities you can maximize your ability to work productively, safely, and comfortably. 

The X-Chair gets top marks in all of these features and then goes further.Here are the enhanced features that make the X-Chair such a standout in their field, going beyond the standard ergonomics we all know about:

  • Superior lumbar support. The Dynamic Variable Lumbar support means you can adjust it to keep you comfortably seated with the perfect support that naturally adjusts to you throughout the day. 
  • Recline in style. The X-Chair boasts their proprietary Scifloat(tm) Infinite Recline. This feature enables healthy movement while seated which is shown to have protective benefits. Movement is the latest health tip right now, and this feature makes it natural and pleasant to maintain beneficial, natural movement.
  • Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock. This unique mechanism allows you to adjust the tension and tilt of the chair to change the amount of resistance you feel as you recline. You can even lock the chair in a reclined position allowing you to put your feet up.
  • Adjustable Features. All of the standard office chair elements are adjustable on the X-Chair. Headrest (height and angle), Arm rests (forward/backward & up/down), Back rest (allows you to place the lumbar support in exactly the right spot for your body) Seat height *and* depth (so you can place at exactly a 90 degree angle for your height while seated properly).
  • Premium Fabrics and Durable Materials. All X-Chair fabrics disperse weight evenly across the chair to reduce pressure points. These materials are excellent for circulation and enhance support which is essential to comfort and wellbeing.


What Does An X-chair Cost?

The X-Chair started taking off during the pandemic because it is so important to one’s productivity to have a solid base that protects you and keeps you comfortable so you can get your work done. The fact that it does so much more affordably than any chair in its class means that it is accessible and affordable for everyone. X-Chair prices start in the low hundreds and increase as you move from task chairs to executive chairs and add higher end elements and finishings. 

Which Chair Is Right For You? 

Do you need a computer chair or an executive desk chair? Which chair is perfect for sitting at a computer all day and which is best for those who are constantly on the move from their desk? 

We here at ACI are experts at all office furniture elements and are here to help you find the perfect solution. So, whether you work from home or in the office, you need the right office chair — and so does your body! Check out the X-Chair now available at Arizona Corporate Interiors and try it out for yourself. You can check out and be sure to give us a call at (602) 840-6678 to schedule a visit. We look forward to sharing the X-Chair and all its amazing features with you.