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What Is Ergonomic Office Furniture?

Ergonomic office furniture is your secret weapon in the productivity game. When employees (and you!) optimize ergonomic office setup at work, people can reach their full potential without the distractions of discomfort or injury. We like to say we are improving  efficiency and comfort one desk at a time!

No one would want their work environment to cause injury, but even minor irritants can affect people’s ability to concentrate and therefore prevent them from  doing their best work.

In a nutshell, having ergonomic office furniture simply means setting the office up to be healthy for sitting and working at a desk for the full workday. 

How Do I Make My Office Space Ergonomic?

The Mayo Clinic offers a few key points for how to set up the best ergonomic workstation:

  • The chair should provide good lumbar support 
  • The chair should be adjustable to allow the feet to reach the ground with the knees at a 90 degree angle (so knees are level with the hips). A footrest may be necessary.
  • Ideally the monitor should be about an arm’s length away with the top of the monitor at or just below eye level to support vision. Employees using bifocal lenses may prefer to have the monitor even lower for best viewing.
  • The hands should be at a 90 degree or less angle (wrists at elbow level or lower) from the elbow
  • Commonly accessed items should be close by to prevent reaching

Why Should Furniture Be Ergonomically Designed?

The basics of ergonomic design described above can keep employees healthy. But beyond these basics, ideal workspaces truly maximize productivity. Sit stand desks allow for greater flexibility and can prevent major illness like obesity, heart disease and musculoskeletal issues. Monitor arms keep desks ergonomically optimal for multiple users and multiple situations. We talked about chairs already, but did you know that even the keyboard impacts ergonomics? We can help tailor all these elements to your unique situation with our professional consultation and expertise.

What Is The Best Ergonomic Office Set Up?

The best ergonomic office set up is one designed specifically for your company’s unique situation. Would your employees benefit from sit stand desks? Do you need a desk to accommodate multiple users? What type of computer system are you using? Phones? Headsets?  All of these questions come into play in designing the ideal system to maximize health and wellbeing and we are ready to help you get this done.

How Do I Set Up Dual Screen Ergonomics?

You want your dual screen workstation to have both monitors about arm distance away, as with a typical set up, but put them very close to each other and at an angle. If you are using one as a primary, center it a bit more and have the other monitor slightly off center to the right but be sure they are an arm’s length away. The height and tilt should be the same as a typical one monitor setup as well. 

The Importance Of Office Furniture Ergonomics

It is incredibly important to get up and stretch frequently throughout the day. However, that is not enough to prevent back, wrist and neck pain for people working all day at a desk. Ergonomic office furniture is the easiest answer to employee focus and wellbeing. We would be honored to partner with you in achieving those goals for your office and your employees.

Reach out to us at or call us at (602) 840-6678 and we look forward to answering any of your questions.


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