Our Buyer’s Guide To Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Our Buyer’s Guide To Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Looking to control or reduce office noise in your office but want the solution to fit your design style? Having a quiet and calm place to work can improve employees’ productivity by allowing them to more easily concentrate. But oftentimes, soundproofing or sound-reducing technology can cause a huge eyesore in an office, and finding something that looks nice can be difficult. Keep reading to get our full guide on decorative acoustic wall panels.

Do Acoustic Panels Help Soundproof?

You might be thinking: What is the difference between acoustic panels and soundproofing? Soundproofing involves completely blocking the sound out of your space. Meanwhile, acoustic panels’ main purpose is to absorb sound, and thus reduce overall background noise and echos.

While acoustic panels can most certainly assist in soundproofing a space, they’re not the best option if you want something that completely shuts out all sound. However, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing technology that reduces background noise, decorative acoustic panels are a fantastic resource. 

Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Convinced that decorative acoustic wall panels are exactly what your office space needs? Here are some of our favorite innovative and attractive wall panel designs: 

  • Flowing Wave Tiles: Add a fun texture to your walls by using a flowing wave tile for sound control. If you feel like doing something big, you can do this in a really outspoken color that adds brightness to your office space.
  • Geometric Panels: Looking for more than just a solid color on the wall? There are plenty of acoustic panels that come in different geometric patterns. Such a fun design will surely brighten up any area.
  • Customizable Panels: Want acoustic wall panels that are just for you? Ask us what you’d like to see your wall panels designed into, and we’ll tell you if we can do it. 
  • Cubicles: That’s right. You can make cubicles out of acoustic panels! Not only will this provide an ultimate level of comfort and privacy, but it will also be a step up from those boring gray cubicles that everyone has. 
  • Ceiling Baffles: Ceiling baffles hang from the ceiling and look like long, 2-dimensional rectangles. Sometimes called “fins”, they are a great idea for any space that has a high ceiling.
  • Surround Sound Protection: Go all-in on some rooms by covering the walls and ceiling with a smooth acoustic wall panel. This will give a really cool monochromatic effect that doubles as an ultra sound-reducer.
  • LightBox: For a more unconventional look, you can hang panels around a light fixture to absorb sound. These will function similarly to the baffles and provide a really cool look to your space.

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Even though noise can be a bother at work, there is something you can do about it. Installing decorative acoustic panels will give your space the silence it needs while also providing a touch of design aesthetic.

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