Bleachable and Cleanable Fabrics for Office Furniture

Bleachable and Cleanable Fabrics for Office Furniture

Coronavirus has created so many problems for today’s concerned office managers and in a surprise twist, all of a sudden washable, bleachable office furniture fabric is a concern! Who knew that the fabric choices for office furniture and accessories could be so important? It turns out that office managers need to be sure that office resources are able to withstand the intense and constant sanitizing required to maintain a safe working environment. So how can you select office furniture that will hold up to disinfecting the workplace with bleach and other strong cleaners? Let’s take a look at washable and bleach washable fabrics.

Washable Office Furniture Fabrics

We know what washable fabric means. You can’t throw an office chair into the washing machine so it has to be washable by hired cleaners or regular cleaning staff. Any decent office furniture fabric can be wiped clean with water based cleaners. 

What is Bleachable Fabric?

Then what is a bleachable fabric? Well, often bleaching is a part of the process of creating fabrics for office furniture, but repeated use of bleach as a cleaning agent has been associated with a harsher wear and tear. This is obviously undesirable for office furniture which has to stand up to rigorous cleaning, but now, clean isn’t enough. With the threat of coronavirus looming over our working environments, we need to go a step further and sanitize. 

Most people agree that bleach washing is the gold standard in hygienic cleaning which is so important right now to prevent COVID-19 from upending our offices. While Clorox brand bleach claims that their bleach is not harmful to fabrics when used according to directions, there has been no precedent for the amount of sanitizing and cleaning needed during a pandemic.  

Tested Bleach Safe

The answer lies in our beautiful products that are tested bleach safe. That way you can count on them to not only enhance your office aesthetically, but also to be safe from passing dangerous germs around the office. 

For example, in the seating category, our Engrave line from Mayer offers uncompromised quality and several choices in the line come with the ability to bleach clean and retain structure and form. This Nanotex finished polyester product has strong specs and comes in a variety of  stunning colors that immediately set your company as stylish and smart. These GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certified fabrics are imbued with a laser cut velvet design making it strong, soft to the touch, and stain resistant. There are hundreds of different bleach washable fabrics for you to choose from across various categories and we are here to help you make the selection that works for your office needs for all of your fabric materials. 

Get Expert Advice

Contacting an expert in the field, like us here at ACI means you can save yourself the headaches of searching for that magic combination of quality, beauty and functionality. A qualified professional can get you where you need to be with your office furnishings while ensuring the safety and productivity of your staff. Contact us right away at 602-840-6678 to discuss your office furniture needs. With us, any project is possible!