6 Conference And Meeting Room Styles

6 Conference And Meeting Room Styles

As your team makes its way back to the office to work, properly setting up your conference and meeting rooms is important. After all, the right setup could kill or cultivate collaboration and creativity

What is the Difference Between a Meeting Room and a Conference Room?

If you’re confused about the difference between a conference room and a meeting room, don’t worry. Many people don’t understand the difference and use the two interchangeably, making it hard for the rest of us to know which is which! To style your room accordingly, you’ll need to know what kind of room it is.  

What is a conference room?

A conference room is typically a large room where groups gather to discuss something. Often, a conference room is set up with state-of-the-art AV and technology capabilities to conference in other individuals who might not be able to attend in person. Conference rooms are typically used for important meetings such as management talks, Board meetings, conference calls, and circumstances where big decisions are being made. Not every company needs a conference room, especially if they are a small or new business. 

What is a meeting room?

Similar to a conference room, a meeting room is where people gather to discuss certain work-related topics. Meeting rooms are often smaller than conference rooms and have less advanced technology. They’re mainly used for small work meetings and interviews. Every business should have at least one meeting room.

Conference And Meeting Room Styles

You want your conference and meeting rooms to do more than just look nice. Setting up a corporate meeting room the right way can inspire creative thinking and collaboration. It all depends on what you want the room to do for your business.  

Conference Rooms

  • Hollow-Square: This style consists of four long tables put together to form a square with an empty middle. It’s a great way to see everyone participating and an ideal style when collaboration between all parties is necessary.
  • Boardroom: The boardroom style is the classic conference room setup, where all participants sit at a long table to engage in a meeting. 
  • Flexible Conference Rooms: Not every business can have a conference room and separate meeting room spaces. That’s why many opt to build flexible conference rooms that can be easily divided into smaller meeting spaces

Meeting Rooms 

  • Clusters: Set up your meeting room with multiple team tables where people can participate in group work within the same room. 
  • Small Table: Create an intimate environment in your meeting rooms to cultivate comfort for individuals meeting in a small group. This room style is excellent for working or brainstorming meetings with just a few people or interviews. 
  • Classroom: The classroom style is made up of one or more tables set up in rows with all participants facing the front of the room. It is an ideal setup for training and other meetings where learning is the top priority. 

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