Styles and Types of Other Sound Absorption Options

Styles and Types of Other Sound Absorption Options

If you’ve been reading about sound absorption solutions for your office, you have probably seen the traditional wall panels that are attached to walls to absorb sound and plenty of the dividers that are commonly used, but did you know that there are a whole lot of options available beyond those basic types?  If you want your workspace to reflect your company’s aesthetic and go a step above ordinary, we thought it might interest you to go over some of the styles and types of other sound absorption options that could be absolutely perfect for your space. 

Here are the primary innovations in sound absorption for offices

  • Baffles
  • Soft furnishings / High back furniture
  • Art Walls
  • Huddle Rooms (Volo Walls)
  • Desk & Room Dividers 


The most extensive and effective noise solution of all of these may well be the baffle solution. Baffles are sound-absorbing panels that hang from the ceiling and provide incredible sound absorption. Fortunately, they have moved on from their ordinary origins, and can now enhance your office with bold and intriguing designs (check out these examples of products we represent from MPS Acoustics here and here). 

The surprising choice on this list is the careful selection of soft furnishings. Realistically, these choices need to be made in tandem with other sound-absorbing options, but they contribute a great deal towards that goal, and you can minimize the more traditional sound-absorbing choices if you choose to maximize your soft furnishings. High-back furniture is the latest innovation in office decor that provides an appealing form with useful purposes. They are doing double duty as furnishings in the space and absorbing sound reverberations. They do not absorb sound to the same degree as professional sound-absorbing materials, but this system works by having multiple layers of softness in the space from plush seating to soft accents to wall art. If you work with a professional firm like ours, we can help you figure out the sound absorption features that will work best.

Speaking of wall art, sound panels now come in astonishing forms that enhance the space while providing sound absorption. So, technically these are not traditional sound-absorbing options but you need to see how amazing they have become. They don’t present to your clients or employees as “functional”, but instead as bold and attractive enhancements to your office.

Huddle rooms, whether you are talking about actual rooms created with Volo walls or specialized seating spaces, can soften the space and absorb sound while providing a real asset to your workspace. They are the latest in design, but they are not a fad. They are proving so useful, they are here to stay.

And finally, we have come full circle right back to the traditional panels, except these varieties can act as room dividers and desk dividers, providing multifunctionality while improving office aesthetics. You can have dividers on wheels or hanging panels to section off parts of the work area. Desk dividers can have panels made of sound-absorbing material, and you can even have some of those portions with acrylic panel toppers to meet the challenges of today’s office. All in all, you can create any configuration to get the perfect situation for your office. 

There is tremendous design flexibility in sound absorption features and we are pleased to carry the best lines in the business. If you need sound absorption panels, you might want some help applying these innovative ideas to your particular office space, so give us a call to get expert guidance the way you want it. You can reach us at (602) 840-6678.