Standing Desks: Height Adjustable Desks or Desk Risers?

Standing Desks: Height Adjustable Desks or Desk Risers?

There are many new developments in the world of office furniture; standing desks, height adjustable desks, and desk risers are an exciting topic of discussion among office managers. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is exactly what it sounds like; a desk tall enough to stand up while you work. The health benefits of working while standing are well known and have even been written about in mainstream outlets like the New York Times and Reader’s Digest. As office managers know, sitting all day can cause problems. In a surprise twist, standing all day can have some consequences as well. It is important to have some movement to prevent injury (just like sitting all day can cause stress injuries) so we recommend using simple features like an anti-fatigue mat or a footrest to encourage changing position. An even better option, though, is a height adjustable desk.

What is a height adjustable desk?

A height adjustable desk changes from sitting height to standing height. It is the best of both worlds! However, the quality and ease of adjustment varies greatly. At ACI, we are experts at finding the ideal desk for your situation. We would love to show you our adjustable desks here at our showroom so you can try them out for yourself. For example, the Enmo model, from ESI,  has two motors, a soft start and stop, and a 1.3”/sec transition time. The smooth transition and quality workmanship combined with its customizable work surface makes it an amazing choice for most offices. Our partners are the best in the industry providing solid commercial quality tables with state of the art, tested mechanisms. 

What is a desk riser?

A desk riser is a furniture piece that sits on your existing desk. There are stationary boxes that simply sit there to add height, but most people mean an adjustable surface that moves from a sitting height to a standing height. Desk risers have become so popular you even see ads for them on T.V., but how will you know if they are durable enough for your situation? Since we are experts in this field, we know which ones are all flash and no substance, and which ones work in real world situations. 

How To Choose Between Height Adjustable Table And A Desk Riser

Now that you know you don’t have to choose between a standard desk and a standing desk, how do you know which innovative solution will be best? 

There are a few important things to know. 

  • Risers are smaller than the desk surface, usually just enough space for the monitor and keyboard. This means the other desk items stay lower, which can be awkward
  • You need to know where the chair will go when in standing position. Most adjustable desks can accommodate the chair underneath, but this is not the case with most risers.
  • Risers have a lower cost entry point. 
  • Height adjustable desks have better warranties. 
  • Both height-adjustable desks and risers (that we sell) are highly rated by users, but each one comes with different space considerations.

Office managers around the world are reaping the benefits of a healthy, happy workforce that can perform to their maximum ability using adjustable desks. Knowing that their health and wellbeing is a major concern of their management means improved employee morale as well.

Learn More About Standing Desks at ACI

If you are considering any version of a standing desk, then we have the expertise to answer your questions and help you get the perfect setup for your office. Please give us a call so you can come see these options in action and get all your questions answered. You can reach us at 602-840-6678.


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