Pull Up To The X-Table In Your X-Chair

Pull Up To The X-Table In Your X-Chair

Every once in a while something new comes along to completely change how we see something ordinary, like a chair or a desk and innovates it into something so beneficial it changes everything. That is how we view the  X-Chair and now we are excited to tell you that its perfect companion has launched. It is called the X-Table and it is a perfect match for the X-Chair and for any office needing the ability to offer sit/stand options to their employees.

Office Furniture Ergonomics

Office managers and business owners know how ergonomics is extremely important for the health and productivity of our valuable employees. Over and over again a focus on ergonomics has proven to be beneficial to companies of all sizes. It is known to improve employee safety, health, productivity, and retention. We know that keeping ergonomics at the top of mind when setting up the office raises morale and improves outcomes.

Hundreds of studies confirm that improving the ergonomics of office workers improves some very important bottom line elements such as:

  • Time on task
  • Improved quality of production
  • Reduction in absenteeism, employee turnover, and worker’s comp and health care expenses
  • Improved employee satisfaction and wellbeing

The Ergonomic X-Table

With this in mind, it is very exciting to learn about the new X-Desk. We know that periodic, but not static, standing throughout the workday has many health benefits and fits right in with an ergonomic design. This is where the mobile, height adjustable, laptop X-Desk provides the ideal situation at an enviable price point. Here are the primary features that make it so special.

  1. Effortless Height-Adjustable Feature: You can easily adjust the height from 28” to 41” making it ideal for all heights in both the seated and standing position. It is not clunky or slow like its predecessors. 
  2. Sizeable Desktop: The surface is an ample 27.6”W x 19”D with a built-in iPad holder
  3. Moveable with Locking Casters: It functions beautifully as a stationary desk with solidly locking casters and can also glide smoothly when the casters are unlocked.
  4. 3 Stylish color options: cherry wood, white, and black
  5. High-Quality Craftsmanship: The superior quality of X-Chair manufacturing.

Just like the X-Chair, the X-Table is high in style and functionality and offers unparalleled comfort and quality at a great price. 

The X-Chair, as you probably already know, is famous for its affordable innovation in ergonomic seating. It offers style and comfort in what they tout as “an oasis of comfort and productivity” and we couldn’t agree more. The ‘SciFloat Infinite Recline’ feature is the crowning achievement, and when combined with the high level of adjustability, ensures natural movement for every size of employee that enhances focus. Increased focus plus comfort and style make it the only choice.

Learn More About the X-Table And X-Chair

Now combine the X-Chair and the X-Desk and you have the ultimate in configurable, ergonomic, stylish workspaces. It is just what you and your employees deserve. Give us a call to talk to our consultants to learn more. You can reach us at (602) 840-6678, we look forward to hearing from you!