Office Social Distancing: Affordable Additions To Keep Employees Safe

Office Social Distancing: Affordable Additions To Keep Employees Safe

Most Americans are eager to get back to work but are also deeply concerned about the spread of the virus. The simple solution to the conflict this creates is to make easy changes to the physical office and a few simple company-wide rules to follow that allow employees to maintain social distancing at the office. This is the best chance to keep the virus from spreading amongst your employees at work. The concern is that any more upheaval, or any outbreak that keeps multiple employees from the office will further tax our vital small businesses. We must avoid that. Now that we know what we need to avoid and the outline of what we need to do, let’s get into the details of exactly how to do it!

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is the CDC and the medical community’s recommendation that individuals who don’t reside together keep at least 6 feet distance from each other while indoors. When people stay that recommended distance apart it hampers the virus’s ability to spread. Obviously, this isn’t the only important protocol since you also need to incorporate significant workspace sanitizing, hand-washing, and high touch area protocols, but it is one of the top factors to keep your office and your employees safe.

How Can Your Office Comply with Social Distancing?

New company rules are easy to implement, but harder to get established. You may choose to post signs encouraging frequent hand washing, instructions for how to sanitize work areas, and especially, rules for social distancing with respect. You will likely close down any community spaces and encourage employees to eat at their desk or out of the office. If possible, you may permit some portion of your workforce to telecommute. Even with all of that, there will still be an office and you will need to keep it safe.

When it comes to the physical work environment, first and foremost, you will want to address the office layout and furniture arrangement to keep employees physically distant but still connected.  We are experts at maximizing office space using your existing furniture and adding necessary features, or we can help you with entirely new office systems perfectly suited to your current situation. 

Next, we need to discuss options for offices that need to have significant employee interaction, employee and client interactions, or for offices that will not be able to function with all employees 6 feet apart. For any of those situations, plexiglass dividers may be the ideal solution. There are plexiglass dividers for every situation that are quickly and  affordably installed and easily sanitized. They can also be easily removed without disruption of the work environment when we have the pandemic under control. 

The Next Step in Office Social Distancing

Arizona Corporate Interiors is ready to help you with these simple improvements, and we hope you will reach out to us right away for some recommendations or for the rapid restructuring of your office layout. If you need it, we are prepared to help with appropriate office furniture and plexiglass separators that can protect your employees from our invisible enemy and show your employees that you are going to put them first.  You can reach us at (602) 840-6678 or visit us at . Please call us right away so we can have a conversation about what will best help your office and your employees through this pandemic as affordably and as flexibly as possible.