Office Noise Reduction Solutions

Office Noise Reduction Solutions

If your office is filled with noise, your employees cannot be at their best. Since a “shushing” librarian for hire is not a viable solution, you will want to know about the very effective solutions available for noise reduction in your office. Here’s how to deaden the sound in offices, cubicles, and open floor plans.

Office Noise Reduction Solutions

There are three basic solutions to accomplish noise reduction

  • Physical Layout – spacing employees at significant distance may not be viable for most businesses, but expert office planning can include noise reduction considerations.
  • Acoustic Panels – Soft furnishings, wall hangings, and especially acoustic panels absorb sound and improve the sound environment. 
  • Sound Masking – a  technological solution that “covers” noisy environments, or eerily silent ones,  with sound such that nearby conversations fade into the background, removing the distraction while avoiding the irritating elements of other sound cover options. It is an exciting innovation that all offices should look at. 

How can we reduce noise between offices?

In this case, you want to look at Acoustic Panels and Acoustic Wall Hangings to deaden the sound between offices. Here at Arizona Corporate Interiors we have beautiful, artistic options suitable for every type of office that will coordinate with your aesthetic and provide sound dampening at the same time. Wall panels can be created in virtually any shape and color providing you with a truly customizable option.

Consider the flooring. Hard surfaces tend to reflect sound and soft surfaces tend to absorb sound.

If you have furnishings between offices, you could choose upholstered and stuffed chairs as well to contribute to the sound dampening. 

How do you reduce noise in an office cubicle?

Within an office cubicle, you want to use acoustic paneled dividers. They solve multiple issues at once, providing some level of privacy or space division, while also offering some sound dampening. Here again, think soft. 

As for the area around a busy cubicle form, you may want to consider the sound masking discussed earlier for office-wide noise control. 

How do you stop noisy coworkers?

Having clear rules and routines established can go a long way to curbing noisy coworkers from interrupting colleagues with noise. Staying seated while on the phone, restricting conversation “over the partition”, and setting up collaboration locations away from workspaces can solve some of these issues. 

Here, as well, though, a whole office sound masking system really makes the difference. It is an ideal way to quell excess noise.

How do you block out noise in an open plan office? 

While there is no way to block out noise completely in an open plan office there are things you can do that will go a long way towards a more productive, quieter work environment. Sound masking systems, mentioned above, are the ideal solution since they convert the sound to a non-distracting background noise.  

Just like the other office situations, using acoustic wall panels and wall hangings can absorb significant sound. With upholstered furnishings, sound masking systems, wall hanging, and acoustic panels you can achieve a situation as close to ideal as possible. No more noisy bullpens, now your team can hum along with improved productivity and reduced stress and aggravation.

How do you reduce noise in an open floor plan?

If you are looking to simply reduce the noise in an office floor plan, the same sound dampening techniques and tools can be used. Add acoustic wall panels and hangings to deaden the sound. Acoustic panels combined with space dividers and upholstered furniture can achieve your simple goals.

So call us right away to schedule a visit or a demo. ACI handles everything from design to installation. We are excited to see how we can assist you in making your office sound level perfect for your unique situation. We are experts at finding that perfect solution quickly, effectively, and affordably. Call now at (602) 840-6678 for that visit, tour, or demo.