Office Layout for Law Firms

Office Layout for Law Firms

Initially, you may think that a functional and sleek office layout for your law firm would only serve your attorneys and support staff. An added benefit is attracting the best clients. Just as technology has helped every office to streamline productivity, the next trend in productivity is office design and layout improvements. This is where a need for a new and innovative design in the law office comes in. Not only are oversized offices with clunky, dated furniture and layouts difficult to manage in an economic downturn, but the expensive real estate and carbon footprint may concern potential new clients and attorneys. A superior layout of the office will make a firm function better. 

Reevaluate, Adapt and Change Your Office Layout

Using office space efficiently and in a new, streamlined fashion without losing the number of attorneys that can office in-house, will bring about positive change. Reviewing your options with a corporate furniture expert will give a fresh perspective and move your office into the future of modern office furniture.

Retain an Edge

In order to attract and retain quality attorneys, law offices look to the ever-present balance between remote work and maintaining an office presence when needed. Office space is needed for both large client meetings and individual, private meetings. The physical office space of the law firm will need to address all these nuances and the interplay between clients, attorneys, and the firm’s partners.

This can mean that having both collaborative and private office spaces within the law firm will generate more billable hours. Redesigning the law firm to accommodate these trends will allow law firms to stay ahead of the curve.

Specific Design Ideas

Make the right impression with modern and specific design elements in your office layout. This will help all your teams work more efficiently. Consider these office layout ideas for law firms.

  • Transparency Model. Who doesn’t love big glass windows for conference rooms? This can give that message of transparency within the firm, too. However, often we need to quickly convert the glass. Incorporating this dual element will do just that.
  • Communal Work Area. This may sound like too much of a throwback to the 1960s to work in a law office. But research has shown that these layouts can provide for an impromptu meeting or lunch gathering and boost morale.
  • The Right Furniture. Sounds simple, but gathering all the right pieces that reflect the firm’s individual image will go a long way to bringing in new clients and keeping attorneys in sync with their work ethic and style. It may be a retro couch, a custom, curved reception desk, or a clean and tranquil aesthetic overall.

With many baby boomers retiring, the next influx of attorneys are millennials that likely hold a different standard to achieving success in the workplace and this affects their office environments. By staying ahead of these diverse office space needs and trends, law firms will come out ahead with happy clients and happy attorneys. 

Schedule a call with our experts to determine your law office design needs. Every firm has its own unique set of layout challenges. Our designers at Arizona Corporate Interiors will collaborate with you for a custom office layout for your law firm. Give our experts a call today at (602) 840-6678.