Office Furniture: New or Used?

Office Furniture: New or Used?

Office managers have to take a multitude of factors into account when managing their physical office. Office furniture is just one of those, but budget is another big one that impacts everything. So, how can you set up or refurbish your office on a budget? Some people suggest used office furniture to help reduce costs. 

Office furniture is vital to the productivity and atmosphere in the office and it not only impacts the bottom line, but also impacts hiring and sales. It is not a minor consideration, but a very important one. 

Advantages Of New Office Furniture

Used office furniture has one primary allure and that is lower cost. 

On the other hand, there are many advantages to purchasing new office furniture over used.

  • Selected and designed for your specific situation with productivity and the right aesthetic in mind for your location and needs.
  • Safe and effective furniture that keeps employees healthy with proper ergonomics and high quality manufacture.
  • You choose everything that works for you instead of having to make things “fit”.
  • Quality, Attractiveness, Durability, and a Warranty

Knowing all that, is there anything besides cost to recommend used office furniture? In some circumstances it can be an environmentally friendly choice. If that is your motivation or if there is no option for new furniture in the budget, you may want to look very close to your current office so that delivery is not such an issue and so that you can speak face to face with the seller to be sure your choice is as safe as you can make it.

What About Safety Hazards Of Used Furniture?

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to our employees so be sure to take into account that thousands of employees are injured at work every year by unsafe office chairs, most of which are tip over accidents. Each purchased item should be carefully examined and rehabilitated as necessary to ensure the employees safety and the company’s indemnity from complaints or lawsuits.

Tip overs are not the only concern with used office furniture when you don’t know the origins or history first hand. Other risks include:

  • All types of hidden defects could cause problems 
    • breakdown of ergonomic features that can be dangerous or an eyesore 
    • Masked odors or stains on upholstery or surfaces that re-emerge
  • Overall durability is necessarily reduced so you have less time before you need to replace again.
  • Delivery is an issue. You will likely be responsible for the labor and transportation costs. 
  • Compatibility with the rest of your office set up can be a problem and any company growth would also necessitate new furnishings. The same furniture will likely no longer be available.
  • Impression on clients, potential hires, and visitors. Even if you don’t typically have clients in the office, the impression you make has an impact company-wide.
  • Depending on the age of the furniture selected, you may find challenges with things like computer arrangements, modular parts and the accessibility can be a challenge.

Make The Right Choice For Your Company

If you have no other choice, buying used office furniture might be a risk you need to take. If so, we recommend you try to negotiate a warranty and buy from a known, reputable source. For companies that value a positive impression, employee safety, office wellbeing, and want to allow for a long future with the possibility of growth, we strongly recommend you see the many affordable options at quality providers, like us here at Arizona Corporate Interiors can offer. Let us surprise you with what can be done on your budget. You can reach us at or please give us a call to get the information you need right away at (602) 840-6678.