Modern Office Furniture: Design Ideas for 2021

Modern Office Furniture: Design Ideas for 2021

Office managers are always preparing for the future and planning ahead, so we thought now would be a great time to look at  modern office furniture design ideas for 2021.

As always, office productivity and comfort are at the top of the list of design considerations since modern office furniture embraces the best of aesthetics, affordability and functionality. Today’s office is slightly different because we have unique needs due to the coronavirus, but there are plenty of unrelated exciting innovations as well. The overriding theme is wellbeing. A happy office is a productive office and in that spirit, here are a few of the elements that will take center stage in 2021.

  • Sustainability still reigns – sustainable furnishings and fabrics are still bringing l beauty and functionality to the office in the coming year with even more design choices.
  • Bold is in. Furnishings and fabrics are going bold with vibrant color, modern shapes, and decorations. One example is bold polygonal patterns for sound baffling and decor. These elements provide an emotional uplift.
  • Layouts that accommodate distancing and allow workers who work different days to share workstations and common areas safely. 
  • Use of privacy pods will continue to grow in open office setups.
  • Conversation sets, like high back chair arrangements, allow for excellent communication while maintaining office flow.
  • Cleanability– modern designs that incorporate organization so cleaning and sanitizing is a breeze, and integrating bleach cleanable, or crypton fabrics into the design, so furniture is not damaged by consistent sanitization. 
  • Incorporating plants for health and well being. Everything from succulent walls to half wall planters to personal plants as desk dividers.
  • Re-charge areas. Beautiful lounge areas to allow for mental recharging and downtime that facilitates productivity.
  • Separation – plexiglass barriers and moveable sound barriers promote privacy, proper office noise levels, and safety. Some can even be multipurpose like organizational barriers or whiteboards. 


Furniture Innovations For 2021 And Beyond

Most of us are familiar with innovations like standing desks and height adjustable desks, but one of the more exciting modern office concepts is the Movement Movement. Since we now know that sitting all day may be as dangerous as smoking, encouraging movement while at work is the newest innovation in office wellbeing. While encouraging movement sounds like a simple matter, you must be careful about disrupting workflow with too much moving around. 

Ergonomically designed moveable seating, like the innovative pieces we sell here at Arizona Corporate Interiors, is the answer. They fit the bill perfectly and beautifully. Stools are the most common movement seating option, but all kinds of seating can inspire healthy movement. 

Another innovation is the furniture that is created to let teams easily reconfigure it in the moment for whatever the work situation demands, inspiring creativity, brainstorming, or allowing for more privacy. Flexibility in design allows for flexibility in the office.

Start Your 2021 Design Today

We love to find the right situation for our clients and are here to show you some incredible furniture pieces and office layouts that will create your ideal work environment.

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