Laminate Desks: Laminate versus Veneer Office Furniture

Laminate Desks: Laminate versus Veneer Office Furniture

Office furniture serves a few more purposes than you might realize. It needs to provide a comfortable workspace that allows for productivity, but it also needs to make the right impression on your staff and visitors. It also needs to be durable and perfectly fit for its purpose. When it is time to buy new office furniture you will want to know how about laminate desks and to know enough about laminate vs veneer desks to make the right decision for your office space. 

What Is The Difference Between Laminate And Veneer?

Veneer is an ancient woodworking technique that originated in Egypt almost 4,000 years ago. Wood veneer is a thin piece of natural wood that is pressed or glued onto a different material to create the look of solid wood. The ancient Egyptians veneered their tombs, but furniture makers soon learned they could place them over other types of wood to give the appearance of a more expensive piece. Developments over time have led to the creation of laminate which is placed over modern materials to make sturdy and beautiful pieces that have the beauty of wood but are able to withstand scratches, water damage, and usage much better. 

Which Is Better: Laminate Or Veneer? 

We here at Arizona Corporate Interiors have helped clients purchase thousands and thousands of desks for their employees and with our extensive experience, it is clear that veneer desks, while beautiful, are so delicate that they are rarely a good choice. We have seen the wide variety of equally attractive laminate lines that compare favorably to veneer, but are sturdy and can stand the test of time. They are also easier to clean and maintain since they don’t require special handling like veneer does.

All of the laminate lines we carry are durable, beautiful, and flexible for almost any office purpose. For example, Maverick makes dozens of varieties of desks from divided desktops to tables to media tables. They have beautiful and functional designs to fit any modern office. Group Lacasse carries an equally beautiful series of laminate products for a variety of markets from traditional offices to schools to healthcare, all of which can stand up to any workload. Should you need the benefits of full customization or the special nature of a local company to help you make an elite impression, we carry Optimum laminate products as well. We even carry the affordable and sturdy Lorell line which will be ideal for many economically minded purchasing managers who still want quality and appearance to be top-notch. And finally, the well-regarded Trendway line offers all of the same qualities in their laminate lines plus a great deal of innovation in their products and the many creative and attractive styles they offer. 

High Pressure vs Low-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminate is more durable than low-pressure laminate. It has a plastic backing that makes it more protective against water damage and wear and tear over time. In particular, it is more scratch-resistant which is an important consideration for most office applications. A low-pressure laminate means the laminate material is placed directly onto the table base without a hard plastic barrier in between. We can assist you in determining which type might be best for your particular needs. 

How Can You Tell If It Is Laminate Or Veneer? 

It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference, but laminate is smoother, the whole piece will be significantly lighter, and you may be able to see repetitions in the pattern that wouldn’t be there in natural wood. 

So, before you overspend on veneer furniture that may not stand the test of time, we would be happy to show you the amazing versatility and quality of laminate. You can learn more about us at Give us a call at (602) 840-6678 and schedule a consultation.