Fireproof Cabinets For Documents

Fireproof Cabinets For Documents

Every business has important documents that need protection in case of a fire. If your company has confidential business documents or other valuable items, keep them safe by storing them in high-end, attractive fireproof cabinets for documents.

What is a Fireproof Cabinet?

You should never rely on a single storage system for your company’s most important documents. While storing in the Cloud is a great way to keep your documents in a secure place, online storage leaves your most crucial information vulnerable to data breaches, system crashes, and malware. Having a backup storage option is a great way to ensure the safety of your documents. 

A fireproof filing cabinet is a storage system made using fireproof materials and extensive testing to protect documents and other stored items from fire damage. Fireproof cabinets are typically made of strong metals like stainless steel or cast iron and are well insulated to protect against fires. 

Are All Metal File Cabinets Fireproof?

All metal file cabinets are not fireproof. While metal has a high melting point, a standard metal filing cabinet will not keep the things inside of it safe from a fire. Meanwhile, fireproof cabinets are insulated, which means they can maintain low internal temperatures even if a fire outside is blazing at over 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do Fireproof Filing Cabinets Work?

Quality fireproof filing cabinets made with high-end materials and quality insulation will work to protect your documents up to a certain temperature. The cabinets we use at Arizona Corporate Interiors are guaranteed to protect paper documents, flash drives, USB drives, LTO cartridges, and tapes in external temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What is a Fireproof Filing Cabinet Made Of?

Three main materials go into creating a fireproof filing cabinet. They are: 

  • Strong Metal
  • Water
  • Vermiculite

Most fireproof filing cabinets are made of strong metals like steel. This steel is reinforced with other components that make the cabinet weigh more and give it its fireproofing quality. These additional components include vermiculite (a clay mineral) melted with water to create insulation inside the cabinet. 

Are Fireproof File Cabinets Also Waterproof?

Not all fireproof file cabinets are also waterproof. In fact, most lower-end fireproof cabinets do not include a waterproof feature. Having a fireproof cabinet that is also waterproof is essential to providing maximum protection for your items. That’s because a lot of the damage from a fire occurs in rooms where sprinklers go off due to a fire in another room. Having a water gasket (waterproofing mechanism) in all of your storage spaces will minimize damage regardless of whether there’s a fire in the room. 

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