Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

When you are responsible for an office, you know that many elements of your company, from personnel to facility layout, work together such that ergonomic chairs are as much a part of productivity as excellent hiring. The office is more than just a space to work, it is an important component of every company’s success. Happy and comfortable employees are satisfied and productive employees.

What Makes An Ergonomic Chair So Essential?

An ergonomic chair is essential to a well run office because there won’t be distractions of discomfort or the challenges of repetitive stress injuries. Slumping in a bad chair with insufficient support is going to do harm over time and purchasing lower quality obviously means a hazard to workers *and* the additional cost of replacing chair after chair over time. 

What Makes A Good Chair?

The simplest answer is support. Good support uses ergonomics to provide support for the back, excellent positioning of the legs and knees, and in some cases, arms. Using high quality, sturdy construction means a better product that will serve your company well for many years to come. 

Trendway’s Rexxi-2 is going to meet many requirements for task work and our selection of 9 to 5 chairs will suit any office situation. We frequently recommend the Vault, Vesta, Neo, Cydia, and Luna chairs for their quality construction and ideal features. 

Here are some other factors to consider when buying an ergonomic office chair:

  • Purpose – you will need different chairs for different tasks. There are executive chairs, task chairs, conference room chairs, waiting room chairs and more.
  • Configurability – the ability to add and subtract elements (e.g head rests/arm rests) and choices like high back or low back. Again, 9 to 5 shines here with “Vesta” being one of the prime examples.
  • Adjustability & Mobility – does the chair need to be adjustable? Would wheels be helpful? These are both vital for long term use chairs, but are not usually helpful for waiting room chairs. 
  • Aesthetics & Materials – you want to make the right impression for employees, clients, investors and visitors, and you want to choose the best materials for your circumstances. (eg. mesh or upholstery)

We can direct you not only to styles that express your company ethos, but new developments like movement seating, self adjusting seating, and eco-friendly seating.

The Humanscale line offers amazing ergonomic chairs that adjust intuitively to you rather than using complicated mechanisms

All our manufacturers always provide the sustainability features and certification information you need. One of our top lines, Humanscale,  even offers the Smart Ocean chair, an innovative mesh made of reclaimed and recycled fishing nets. Good for the oceans, good for sustainability, great for your team and your office.

Have a Seat in Our Ergonomic Chairs: Come Visit!

Every company will focus on different factors, but finding a quality provider, like us here at Arizona Corporate Interiors, means we can help you find the best value in quality ergonomic chairs suitable for every office purpose and we can do it very efficiently, saving you time and trouble. When you make an appointment to visit us, we will take the time to show you the very best chairs for your situation and your choice will be hassle-free.

We know one thing for sure. Your team will be happier and more productive with good, ergonomic chairs. So give us a call right away to explore your options in a quick, hassle-free call. You can reach us at (602) 840-6678.

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