Design Considerations for a Safe Reception Area During COVID

Design Considerations for a Safe Reception Area During COVID

The reception area of any office has taken on a new importance in the time of COVID. As a country we are glad to go back to work and we want to keep it this way, so the reception area has become the frontline to guard against the virus entering and harming our visitors, coworkers, employees, and staff. For smart offices, it can also be the frontline in providing a sense of ease and comfort  that can make all the difference in office mood and productivity. 

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Reducing The Risk Of COVID Spread At Work

Right now, there is still a very real risk of infection and no one wants their business to be investigated as a “hot spot”. In response to these concerns, organizations are retrofitting the reception area into a friendly decontamination zone. New procedures like temperature checks, adding hand sanitizing stations, and individualized waiting areas are becoming commonplace.

Visitors, customers, clients  and employees may feel nervous and unsure about being in an office setting again. Our job is not only to make them feel safe, but to truly ensure the safest environment possible. If we do this right, we can end up even more productive than before because we can reduce the risk of all types of infection.This could  help offset the impact of the coronavirus on our productivity and that would be a welcome side effect.

Ways To Make Your Reception Area Safe And Healthy

Here are a few of the most effective reception area design ideas for COVID safety:

  • One highly desirable and effective addition is plexiglass separators everywhere they can be useful. Keeping reception staff safe is the priority, so offices all over the country are adding barriers. Plexiglass solutions are perfect since the staff and reception office remain visible and welcoming through the clear plexiglass and conversations remain unaffected. 
  • Visual cues to ensure 6ft social distancing are equally essential. There are a wide variety of mobile solutions for this and a good corporate interiors company can help you locate those pieces that will not only be unobtrusive to your visitors, but can also retain their usefulness when the situation improves. Ideas like:
    • Mobile barriers such as wheeled whiteboards
    • Hanging baffles, signs (multi-purpose/multi-functional)
    • Small useful furniture pieces like bookcases and tables
    • Plants with sturdy and safe commercial pots
    • Temporary multipurpose seating such as stools, benches etc.
  • Seating areas with quality furnishings can be arranged to allow for safe distancing and barriers of all kinds can separate waiting parties.
  • Stanchions and ropes, like those you see at banks and movie theaters can be strategically placed to require distance between visitors and clients.


Some Helpful Tips 

  • Experts recommend keeping all signage and information upbeat and focused on cooperation. The idea is that we are looking out for each other and we want to keep the economy humming: this is for all of us.
  • Have policies and procedures in place for people who are reluctant to follow recommendations and do so while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees at the forefront of public interactions.
  • Keep safety in mind and be sure that the materials you choose are fire safety compliant and do not block or inhibit egress or travel paths. A good corporate interiors company can be invaluable for these important requirements.
  • If you are looking for a useful resource for all the intricacies of how to manage employees, air flow, social distancing and cleaning protocols check out

Let’s Design Your Reception Area Together

Our goal at Arizona Corporate Interiors is to make your work easy, and your workplace safe, attractive, and highly productive. This is good business and that is our focus. We are pleased to offer you these ideas to implement and if we can be of service to you in getting any of these goals accomplished, we would love to have your business. Just give us a call at (602) 840-6678 or visit us online at