Cubicles: Frame & Tile Versus Panel Systems

Cubicles: Frame & Tile Versus Panel Systems

If you are looking to revamp your office or create a whole new space, then knowing about the two main types of cubicles will help you select the best system for your team. The two types are “frame and tile” cubicle systems and “panel systems”. Learning about these types will help you find the ideal solution for your office. 

Here’s a quick description of these 2 types of cubicle systems:

  • ‘Frame & Tile’ systems: Frame and Tile systems give you a lot of choices. They are very stylish, high quality, and provide easy installation and high levels of customization. They are very upscale in aesthetics and quality so they will cost somewhat more than a typical affordable ‘panel’ system. 
  • ‘Panel Systems’: Panel systems are the typical cubicle arrangement that you have seen for decades; in fact, since they were first developed and dubbed the “Action Office” back in the 1960s. These are mostly solid panels that have a lot of options for customization but are simpler in design and function. 

All cubicle systems were designed to create the ideal workspace to get things done with the right mix of privacy and openness. They definitely still accomplish that, just now with much more style and flexibility.

There are a lot of choices within these two general types. Today we will show you two basic configurations from Trendway to get the basics clarified, but you can be sure we have dozens of more options to create your perfect workspace.

So, what exactly is a “Frame and Tile” system?

Frame and Tile systems are highly configurable cubicle parts that, like Legos, can create a wide variety of attractive, durable, high-quality cubicles, offices, and workspaces with their different shapes and materials. They are also known as “Tile Frame” systems.

The primary advantage here includes gorgeous design so that you never get the impression of a “cubicle farm”. It also includes very flexible functionality. The walls can be made up of different tiles for different purposes. You can mix tile, glass, fabric and you can even create rooms using these highly configurable tile frames. 

Trendway’s “Capture” is a great example of a highly configurable frame and tile system. It is billed as the “fastest-to-assemble system on the market” because these steel-framed systems with their clean design aesthetic install in seconds. You don’t need any tools, they simply click into place thanks to their high-quality construction.

What is a cubicle “Panel” system

Just like it sounds, this cubicle system uses panels to provide differing levels of privacy and functionality to the office worker. Similar to the tile frame systems, they come in different materials, soundproofing is one example, and can be short or tall, have clear portions for office cohesion or be entirely opaque, and provide space for office enhancements like file holders, shelves, storage spaces, electrical hookups and so on.  These can provide the functionality of walls, while still remaining a part of the larger office community.

Trendway’s “Choices” panel systems are aptly named because you can configure dozens of different shapes and spaces. Tall, short, clear, opaque, soundproofed, open, or closed; you can mix and match to create the ideal workspace with ease. 

How To Choose

The best part of all of this is that you don’t need to choose just one system. Our experts can help you create the perfect office whether that means all panel systems, all tile frame systems, or a combination of both. With these systems, you can create private offices, workstations, touchdowns, pods, and collaborative spaces all as easily as traditional cubicles. 

Unique, functional, and attractive spaces are just a phone call away. Reach out to us to learn more by visiting or call us at (602) 840-6678.