Cubicle Organization Ideas: Layout and Design

Cubicle Organization Ideas: Layout and Design

Your office layout is one of the secret keys to success and we have some wonderful cubicle office layout plans and cubicle organization ideas to help you maximize employee productivity and morale.

Best Layouts for Cubicles

The best layouts for cubicles manage all the important factors relating to working in the office. Those factors include maximizing space, minimizing noise, utilizing ergonomics, and managing office flow. A smooth office flow means less wasted time, maximizing the space and minimizing the noise affects time management, improves productivity and increases employee satisfaction which offers cascading benefits to the whole company. 

You will want to consider your unique location in setting up cubicles for your office and an office layout expert is a vital resource to prevent unnecessary challenges. How should the layout relate to public areas like the restrooms and break rooms? How does the office paperwork flow and is there a mail center that needs to be factored in? Are there impromptu conference room meetings that could influence the layout? How can cubicles be organized to maximize workers while minimizing noise? A professional can save you time and money while increasing the productivity of your office. Our designers at Arizona Corporate Interiors have the skills to incorporate all of these factors into the perfect office layout designs for you.

A Murder Of Crows, A Flamboyance Of Flamingoes, What Is A Group Of Cubicles Called? 

When organizing for your office, you may have groupings of cubicles, so believe it or not, there is a name for that! A separate group of cubicles is called a pod and the whole cubicle section is called a sea. It may not be as fun as a flamboyance of flamingos, but it is precise, and serves a very important purpose when you are designing the perfect office layout. How many cubicles in how many pods in what size sea? Helpful, right?

How To Customize Cubicle To Make It More Private 

Cubicle office layouts can have many configurations. Modern offices often have several different pods based on the privacy requirements of each section. Some positions will require more privacy for phone calls or meetings and others will need a more collaborative space. Each pod can be designed for its purpose. Then, each cubicle can be customized by employees for their needs. For example, sliding privacy screens might be ideal for an employee in a pod that needs more privacy to concentrate. Depending on your office rules, some cubicle employees use curtains, carpet samples, wall hangings, whiteboards, and even plants to provide privacy and some degree of sound masking as well. For low cubicle walls, raising the computer to eye level and adding plants, books, or a small desk lamp can provide a sense of privacy while remaining accessible.

How To Make My Cubicle More Productive

There is every imaginable organizational tool designed specifically for cubicles to improve productivity including

  • Shelves that can be hung from the cubicle or stand alone
  • Hanging file folders for office supplies
  • Pegboards allow customization of office tools and accessories
  • Velcro strips for frequently used tools 
  • Small hanging baskets or organizers for holding supplies

No matter what tools your employees use, there are accessories to make cubicles the ideal working situation and reveal how functional and useful they are. We are way past the old day’s myths about cubicle farms. Today’s cubicles are attractive, functional, highly customizable and ideal for many types of office layouts. Your employees will be happy, comfortable and productive with the right system.

Get More Ideas at Arizona Corporate Interiors

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