Commercial Interior Design Tips

Commercial Interior Design Tips

The interior design of your workplace sets the tone for your whole office and can impact everything from office mood to productivity. It also makes a huge difference in the impression you leave on clients and potential customers. So we’ve gathered some of the best commercial interior design tips to help you make the perfect work environment that meets all your needs.

Top Design Tips for your Corporate Interior Spaces:

  1. Make Clever Use of Space. Right now, spacing is a big issue, but even going forward into future years, the wise and resourceful use of space will play a big role in corporate interiors. Combining individual work areas with collaborative zones maximizes the space and positively impacts performance. Finding multipurpose office furnishings does as well. Finding pieces that can serve dual purposes, like room dividing baffles, storage seating, and chairs with tablet arms, bring prudent spending and style together. Being clever with your spending is always in style and having beautiful choices for those features is ideal.
  2. Super Sound Improvements. If you haven’t looked into sound masking technologies, now is the time. You can maximize the personnel in a given space and still control the negative impact of sound using these brilliant and easily installed tools. Sound technology is not the only tool that improves sound quality. There are also stylish and effective acoustic panels like those we sell here at ACI that make a huge difference. You can’t go wrong by adding panels, baffles, and banners that improve the sound quality and make an artistic impression to amplify your brand.
  3. Bold is in. While most corporate interiors need to use neutrals in public spaces, you can still go bold with furniture choices, sound baffles that double as bold art, and paint choices in private areas and company only gathering spaces. We know that color affects mood and mood affects productivity so this is a great way to express the company vibe without breaking the bank.
  4. Keep the Environment in Mind. Eco-conscious everything is a big focus right now and your office can reflect those values in your corporate interior choices as well. For example, at ACI we have an amazing selection of office chairs that all meet strict environmental standards and are beautiful, durable, and affordable as well. 
  5. Use your Lighting to full Effect. Bold fixtures can express your company’s style and perform miracles for mood, attention, and productivity. If you choose the right lighting you can improve the whole office feel and we know how much that impacts performance. 
  6. Bring the Outside In. Nature in the office is still a big part of making an ideal work environment. All the science is in and we can declare that having live plants improves the wellbeing and mood of employees. It is also very much a trend. Moreover, innovative features like plant walls, and interesting, modern plants and planters, make a positive and helpful impression. 
  7. That Certain Something. In addition to all these essential elements of good design, healthy, productive, and positive offices all have something in common: they are professionally designed. Commercial interior designers are indispensable to a successful project.  A professional designer will be able to incorporate attractiveness, functionality, and flow in combination with how all the elements of lighting, nature, furniture spacing, and furniture choices come together.. We here at ACI pride ourselves on this expertise and we are thrilled to share it with you to make your project perfect.  

Design For Your Office

As we said, we here at ACI handle everything from design to installation in order to make your project as simple as possible. Please give us a call to schedule a meeting with our experts so we can help you get the job done quickly and easily. You can reach us at (602) 840-6678.