Acoustic Wall Art Panel

Acoustic Wall Art: Noise Reduction Meets Aesthetics

There is nothing more helpful to productivity than achieving the perfect level of noise that allows concentration and focus. Both too little and too much noise are distracting and can cost your company time and money. Similarly, there is nothing more helpful to mood than a good day in an appealing environment. Using both these powerful elements together, you can create the ideal work situation. You simply use attractive and appealing acoustic wall art to assist with noise reduction.

What Is Acoustic Wall Art?

Acoustic wall art is any artistic and appealing artwork that can be hung on the walls or from the ceiling that absorbs sound and helps create the ideal work environment for employees to enjoy their workday and do their best work. 

Types Of Aesthetically Pleasing Acoustic Wall Art

There are a few types of acoustic wall art forms that are easily added to the office to assist with noise problems. 

  • Wall hangings

A wall hanging is any decorative piece of fabric or material hanging on the wall or down the wall from the ceiling. In a home this might be a tapestry or unique art piece. In the office, you can, of course, use one of those, or for more durability and effectiveness, you can hang acoustic wall panels or fabric art designed specifically for this purpose. Ceiling baffles are an excellent option for workspaces and can hang vertically or horizontally.

  • Canvas art

Any canvas artwork will absorb some level of sound. For a home covered in soft furnishings, canvas artwork may be sufficient to mask sounds but for an office, there are specialized artwork options that will perform better for you. If you want a special piece of canvas art to adorn your office, one option is to place foam batting or material behind the painting to help it absorb sound. 

  • Drapes 

Thick hanging drapes absorb sound extremely well. You can select from any material and weight, but the heavier they are, the more sound they absorb. Think of the heavy red velvet curtains that you see in theaters, they almost create a wall to block sound. They can also be attractive and easy to install. In an office situation, it may be awkward to hang material and because you want durable materials that appear professional, we suggest you reach out to a reputable commercial furniture company, like us here at Arizona Corporate Interiors.    

Acoustic Wall Art for Your Office

So there you have it. A wide variety of ideas to get you started thinking about what wall art coverings would be helpful for your noise reduction goals. As an office manager, your office appearance and your office noise levels are important to your employees and we would love to have a chance to show you how to put these elements to perfect use. We have a showroom designed to help you make fast decisions that will positively impact your work environment and your whole company, so please schedule a quick visit and we can get your great ideas implemented. 

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