7 Tips For Furnishing An Office

7 Tips For Furnishing An Office

Two main goals come to mind when thinking about the most important tips for furnishing an office. The first goal, the one most business owners focus on, is functionality.  The second, but equally important goal, is the impression your space makes on your ideal client or customer. When you and your employees have a functional and supportive workspace, you can all do your best work, and when you make the right impression on your customers, that has important impacts to your bottom line.

What Matters Most in Furnishings

As we’ve already established, the top two most important goals are functionality and visual impact, but what does that mean? In practical terms it means you want to meet the following goals; comfort, workable systems, good sound environment, useful spaces that are ‘fit for purpose’, attractiveness, and a coherent design style that says what you want it to say.

How to Accomplish These Important Goals

  1. Hire a Professional. This sounds self-serving coming from us, but it is absolutely true that professionals like us at ACI know what we are talking about when it comes to all the important elements. It will ultimately save you time and trouble, so, no matter what company you go with, make sure they have experts available to help.
  2. Go for Ergonomic. Employee health, safety, and comfort are absolutely vital for ethical reasons, but it is also good to know that it is important for your business to run smoothly as well. Healthy, happy, comfortable employees do the best work for everyone’s success.
  3. Go for Quality. High quality furnishings make the right impression, they save money in the long run, and they tend to have the most flexibility and highest functionality. 
  4. Maintain a Serene Sound Space. Even if you have an office environment that is vibrant and energetic, you still need quiet spaces for quiet work, for private meetings, or just for downtime. Think of sound as another component of your office structure and you can easily create an ideal sound situation.
  5. Ask for Input from Your Employees. Your team likely knows where the “glitches in the system” are. It might be hard to know that getting mail, experiencing noisy times, or barriers to collaboration, are costing you time and money unless you are on the ground, so, ask them!
  6. Express Yourself. Good looking, high quality furnishings make the right impression and that can be furthered by showing your corporate personality and brand image with touches that add dimensionality to your office. Is your brand image youthful? You could add a bit of whimsy with high backed “collaboration chairs” or rolling chairs. Is your identity serious and mature? Then high quality art on the walls may be just the right form of expression your office needs to convey that. No matter what your brand identity, your office can send that message.
  7. Add a Little Life. Plants may not be high on the usual list of “vital office components” but they are very important, not only because they can impact your image, but they can also contribute to employee health and wellbeing. You can add standalone plants in small, charming doses on tables and shelves or in dramatic giant pots on the ground. You can even have plant walls that do double duty in creating separate areas in your office. 

If you are a small to medium businesses in the Phoenix-Mesa area and you are ready to make some changes or create a new space,  call us right away. You can schedule a consultation with one of our experts to help you reach both of these goals. We can be reached  at (602) 840-6678.