5 Ways to Divide Your Office Workspace

5 Ways to Divide Your Office Workspace

Taking an office space from a completely open environment to a semi private or divided workspace is so much easier than you’d think. Whatever your goals may be, when you have the right tools and the right products the job can be smooth and the results can be ideal.

5 ways to divide your office workspace

  1. Cubicles
  2. Desk configuration with desktop partitions
  3. Freestanding partitions / panels
    1. Whiteboards
    2. Organizational / Bookshelves
    3. Sound absorbing Panels
  4. Modular Walls
  5. Living Walls

You can divide your office space in almost any conceivable configuration given the wide array of options. Let’s examine each of these in turn.


You are probably familiar with the concept of a cubicle, but you may not know how many varieties are available now and how modern, functional, configurable, and attractive they have become. From clear partitions, to curved walls, to modular semi-enclosed workstations, these are very workable options for any open office that needs privacy or quiet spaces.

Desk Configurations

Desk configurations can define the office work space into functional regions. How you angle and orient the desks and what types of partitions you select can make easy work of dividing an area. Desk partitions are typically just a few inches to a few feet high and allow for a clearly defined desk area that allows for privacy and open communication.

Office Partitions

An office partition is a wall panel, usually a few feet wide and of various heights that separates an area. Partitions can be clear, fabric covered, or solid material to suit your needs. Typically partitions are placed together to define whatever space you need to create.

Freestanding partitions are where you can really have a strong impact on the office organization and they can even create the attractive aesthetic that creates pride in the workplace. Regions can be separated, rooms can be created and moved around with ease to suit your needs. Some freestanding partitions are even on wheels for maximum flexibility. Partitions can be partial glass or plexiglass, they can be sound absorbing, they can even be useful for office organization if you choose bookcases or whiteboard versions.

Modular Walls

Modular walls are equally flexible in form and if you have created the perfect office plan they create a sense of stability to permanently define regions. With expert selection they can be both attractive and functional.

Living Walls

Living walls can be either literal walls with easy care plants, fake plants, or mossy coverings, or they can be freestanding, potted plants that divide regions while adding to the beauty and wellness in your office. 

Need Help Dividing Up Your Space?

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